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"We want to participate in ensuring there is green space for the future and am happy to enlist our forest. If by utilizing our forests, small landowners can make a cumulative difference in reducing carbon footprints while making some additional funds for maintenance, all the better!"

— The Kidd Family, South Carolina Landowners

The LandYield Approach

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One of the many factors that make LandYield different from similar opportunities is that it was designed from the ground up with private family landowners in mind.

By employing the Small Non-Industrial Private Forest Landowner (SNIPFL) methodology, LandYield can help significantly reduce costs by employing state-of-the-art remote sensor technology. By partnering with the American Carbon Registry, landowners can also avoid on-site field inventory.


The Power of Diversification

In addition to earning revenue, the LandYield program allows landowners to take advantage of other commercial activities while in the program. They can still lease hunting rights, collect non-timber forest products, and more. The program is designed with the best interests of family foresters in mind who want to be able to maximize the value of everything they've already worked so hard to build. To learn more, download, Carbon Programs For Landowners: A Guide to Connecting Family Forests to Carbon Revenue today!

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Environmental and Social Benefits

In this 27-page guide, you'll learn how your commitment to defer harvests can improve wildlife habitats, water and air quality, increase biodiversity, help mitigate climate change, and leave a positive environmental legacy for generations to come. And this, all while earning revenue!

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